Fund Administration Services

Premier is one of the leading fiduciary services providers and fund administrator based in Mauritius and in Seychelles. We are duly licensed by the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius and the Financial Services Authority in Seychelles to offer fund formation and administration services to global institutional investors and fund managers.

Our fund services include formation, directorship and company secretary, accounting, transfer agency and investor services, tax advisory and compliance, winding up and insolvency, FATCA compliance. Our fund administration team comprises of fully qualified and experienced staffs and has proven track record of successfully providing expert fund services to private equity, venture capital and hedge funds.

Premier is aware that successful fund administration involves an effective relationship between the fund manager and the administrator. Our service allows fund managers to remain focus on investor’s relationship and on growing their asset base, with the comfort that the fund administration is taken care of by experienced fund administrators.

We aim at adding value to each fund’s operations by working closely with managers in devising a customized administration program and by providing timely and accurate reporting.

Our fees are competitive as compared to the industry’s average. We allow fund managers and sponsors to easily set up and administer their funds at reasonable formation and administration fee.


• Advice on the most efficient structure from a tax, substance, company law, compliance and corporate governance perspective.
• Drafting of Constitution and review of other Constitutive Documents (Prospectus/ PPM, Investment Management Agreement, Investment Advisory Agreement, Delegation Agreements among others) and liaison with Counsels.
• Preparation of application pack and lodging application with regulatory authorities.
• Arranging for official launch of the Fund and execution of constitutive documents.
• Establish operational processes & procedures.


• Opening of bank accounts, custody and brokerage accounts and maintenance of such accounts.
• Treasury functions including processing of transfer instructions.
• Handling matters following deliberations at Board meetings.
• Liaison with service providers and regulatory authorities.
• Processing trades and settlements.
• Issuance of Power of Attorney, if necessary.
• Dealing with correspondences.
• Review of agreements/ contracts from operational perspective.
• Other general administrative duties.

Directorship & Company Secretary

• Providing in house high-caliber directors.
• Board papers preparation.
• Convening, attending and taking of minutes of Board and Shareholders meeting.
• Maintaining statutory records.
• Providing guidance to Board members in relation to their duties, responsibilities and powers.
• Informing Board members of changes in law relevant to them.
• Annual certification in audited financial statements.
• Filing of annual audited financial statements.


• Record keeping and preparation of management accounts and annual financial statements under IFRS.
• Advising Board members on accounting related matters.
• Manage audit process.
• NAV calculation.
• Processing of capital calls.
• Maintenance of partners’ capital accounts.
• Processing of distribution.
• Preparation of support schedules.

Transfer Agency & Investor Services

• Investor contact maintenance
• Processing of subscriptions, transfers, redemptions and buybacks
• Maintaining share registers
• Handling investor correspondences/ queries
• Maintenance and issuance of capital account statements, statement of holdings and contract notes
• Investor reporting including distribution of investor newsletter and report on Fund’s performance


• Ensure client’s entities comply with licensing conditions and on-going rules & regulations prevailing in Mauritius
• Conduct customer due diligence checks on investors
• Provision of Premier Officers to act as Money Laundering Reporting Officer and Deputy Money Laundering Reporting Officer
• Provide compliance health report on client entities, if required.
• Provide relevant AML/CFT training to local employees of licensees, if required.

Tax Advisory & Compliance

• Tax planning with respect to international structures and transactions.
• Tax ruling applications.
• Handling of queries from foreign tax authorities under exchange of information articles of DTAs / Tax Information Exchange Agreements.
• Review of agreements, contracts and other business documents from a tax perspective.
• Registration for Value Added Tax (VAT) and Pay as You Earn (PAYE) purposes in Mauritius.
• Tax computation, preparation and filing of income tax, PAYE, Tax Deduction at Source and VAT returns.
• Facilitating settlement of tax liabilities and handling refund cases.
• Application for Tax Residence Certificate & its renewal of annual basis.

Winding up and Insolvency

• Provide guidance and assistance in respect of winding-up and liquidation procedures.
• Handling of winding-up process in accordance with the relevant section of the Companies Act 200.
• Working in collaboration with liquidators on liquidation under Insolvency Act 2007.

FATCA Services

• Application for Global Intermediary Identification Number with US Internal Revenue Service
• Registration with Mauritius Revenue Authority
• Due diligence checks for all Financial Institutions administered by Premier.
• Acting as Responsible Officer & Point of Contact.
• Filings with Mauritius Revenue Authority
• Assistance in the determination of FATCA status and classification through our network of local Tax Advisors.


• Fund Administration.
• Fund Accounting
• Transfer Agency & Investor Services
• HR Administration & Payroll Services

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If you require Fund Administration services, please call our Expert Team who can assist you with your requirements. You are invited to call us at (230) 245 6703. You may send your enquiries by email: or by fax at (230) 245 6704.