Foundation Services

In case that client prefers to have a Mauritius Foundation instead of a Mauritius Trust whether to protect wealth or provide for family then we can help you in setting up your Foundation. A Mauritius Foundation is a legal entity wherein a person, known as Founder, transfers or donates goods and assets to a Foundation (which is a juridical person subject to rights and duties) the purpose being asset protection and administration for the benefit of a beneficiary, who may be the founder or a third party.

Practical uses and benefits include:
  • Holding assets which can be passed on from one generation to the next (estate planning)
  • Asset protection
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Avoidance of forced heir ship rules
  • Separation of voting and economic benefits
  • Employee share option schemes
  • Art collections
  • Charitable purposes
  • Ability to open corporate bank accounts in the foundation's name
  • Confidentiality as most laws require individuals working closely with the foundation to maintain secrecy of information on the parties to the Foundation

If you require a Mauritius Foundation, please call our Expert Team who can assist you with your requirements. You are invited to call us at (230) 245 6703. You may send your enquiries by email: or by fax at (230) 245 6704.