Why a GBC1

A GBC1 company is a company which has a GBC1 licence from the Financial Services Commission. It has got several benefits. For example, it is used to structure investments and projects with Mauritian double tax avoidance treaty partners, including India, China, Italy, Luxembourg, Thailand, Rwanda, South Africa, Singapore, etc.

It also several fiscal advantages such as:
  • It is taxed at 15% less a generous deemed foreign tax credit of 12% or 15% less actual foreign tax paid
  • No capital gains tax
  • Royalties, interests and service fees payable to foreign affiliates are allowed as expenses provided they are reasonable and correspond to actual expenses incurred
  • Interests paid on deposits in Banks are tax exempt
  • Dividends paid by a GBC1 are tax exempt
  • Royalties paid to non-residents are exempt
  • No stamp duties, registration duties or levies
  • Duty concessions on office equipment, furniture and motor vehicles

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