Trading Companies and Trade Invoicing

If you want a Trading Company which can trade goods or services from one country to another tax free then we have the appropriate solution for you. Trade Invoicing through our advised structure is beneficial because you benefit from:
  • Potentially tax free accumulation of profits
  • Being present in a well reputed financial centre with stability
  • Taking advantage of the good banking systems and banking facilities (trade financing, LCs,etc)

If you want to take advantage of our Freeport facilities for trading and shipment, you can set up a Freeport Company. See Freeport Company.

Premier Professional Services

Premier Financial Services Limited provides the following services with respect to the activities of the Trading Companies:
  • Advice and formation of the Trading Company
  • Application and Renewal of Licence
  • Provision of registered office address.
  • Provide professional directors and qualified secretary in Mauritius.
  • Open bank account.
  • Preparation of quarterly accounts and filing with the authorities. (if required)
  • Prepare and file tax returns. (if required)

If you require an Offshore Company or need an advice for your needs, please call our Expert Team who can assist you with your requirements. You are invited to call us at (230) 245 6703. You may send your enquiries by email: or by fax at (230) 245 6704.