Protected Cell Companies

The Protected Cell Companies Act 1995 (as amended) allows for the segregation of assets and related liabilities within a company into cells and limits the claim of a creditor against assets of the cell it has contracted with. This somewhat resolves the problem encountered with an umbrella fund company due to the fact that the excess liabilities of a Sub-Fund can be set-off against the assets of the entire Fund. The PCC removes the uncertainty associated with the insolvency of an umbrella fund. PCC structures may not be accepted in some jurisdictions though.

A PCC structure can be used for the following activities:
  • Asset holding
  • Structured Finance Business
  • Collective Investment Schemes/ Close Ended Funds
  • Specialised Collective Investment Schemes and Closed Ended Funds
  • Captive Insurance Business

and these companies can be structured as PCCs. As the PCC is one company but with several cells, it reduces costs to operate and administer the company.

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