Type of entity   IBC
  Type of law   Common Law
  Shelf company available   Yes
  Our time to establish a new company   2 day
  Taxation   Nil
  Double taxation agreement   None
  Forex restrictions   None for offshore activities.
  Language & name restrictions on companies   Anything that suggests royal, imperial or government patronage or already taken is banned; names can be in any language and Chinese incorporations with Chinese documentation are popular


  Permitted currencies   Any, but US$ normal
  Minimum paid up   US$1
  Usual authorised   US$50,000


  Minimum number of Directors   1
  Local requirement   No
  Company secretary & qualifications   No


  Minimum number   1
  Disclosure requirements   No
  Publicly accessible records of shareholders   No
  Obligations for annual meetings   No
  Location of AGM   Anywhere


  Requirement to prepare   Yes
  Audit requirements   No
  Account filing obligations   No
  Publicly accessible accounts   No


  Requirements to file annual return   No
  Change in domicile permitted   Yes
  Need to registered office   Yes, must be in Belize at the address of a licensed management company
  Number of companies set up in last year   6,230 in six months to June 2005
  Total number of companies on register   47,000

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