International Tax Planning & Double Taxation Treaties

Mauritius is a very well positioned tax jurisdiction for doing business locally, regionally and internationally. There are many opportunities for tax benefits to be enjoyed by Mauritian Global Business Companies, especially the GBC1.

We provide our private and corporate clients with local and international tax planning and structuring .Our service is based on experience, professional research and coordination with foreign firms. We are a member of the INAA Group and most of its members are international tax experts. See INAA GROUP.

Mauritius is well known for its extensive network of Double Taxation Treaties which it has ratified with more than 35 countries around the globe (including India, China, Singapore, UK, France, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg and others). These treaties with important jurisdictions worldwide are a major tool for doing cross-border business. We have extensive experience in structuring entities to benefit from these treaties.

You can contact us if you have any queries regarding the above or if you want to have the tax rates worked by us. Below is a list of the treaty countries:

  Barbados   Croatia   Bangladesh
  Cyprus   Germany   Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
  France   Italy   India
  Lesotho   Luxembourg   Kuwait
  Malaysia   Mozambique   Madagascar
  Nepal   Oman   Namibia
  People's Republic of China   Rwanda   Pakistan
  Seychelles   Singapore   Senegal
  Swaziland   Sweden   South Africa
  Uganda   United Kingdom   Thailand
  Belgium   Botswana   Zimbabwe
  Tunisia   State of Qatar   United Arab Emirates

It is worth noting that most of the treaties in force have been in existence as from the period when Mauritius launched its global business sector in 1992.

Presently there are 5 treaties which await ratification:
  • Malawi
  • Russia
  • Zambia
  • Vietnam
  • Nigeria

and 10 treaties are being negotiated with: Canada, Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Portugal and Republic of Iran, Burkina Faso, Algeria, Yemen, Ghana.

If you want a breakdown of these treaties region wise, see Investing in Africa, Investing in Asia, Investing in Europe.

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