MAURITIUS Global Business Company Category 2 ("GBC II" / "GBL II")

The GBC2 license has been discontinued by the FSC and replaced with the new MAC license following a change in law.

A company holding a Category 2 Global Business License is often used for trading and investment. GBC II (GBL2) companies are not resident for tax purposes and do not have access to Mauritius' tax treaty network. Beneficial ownership is not disclosed to the authorities.


  Type of the company   GBCII
  Common law or civil law   Common Law
  Readymade company available   Yes
  Non-English company allowed   Yes
  Legislations   Companies Act 2001, Financial Services Act 2001 and others


  Minimum number of shareholders or members   One
  Minimum number of Directors   One
  Director and shareholder can be same person   Yes
  Corporate Director or individual Director   Yes
  Corporate shareholder or individual shareholder   Yes


  Local Director required   No
  Local shareholder required   No
  Nominee Director   Allowed
  Nominee shareholder   Allowed
  Proxy Director   Allowed
  Proxy shareholder   Allowed
  Registered office required (local)   Yes
  Registered agent required   Yes
  Local or qualified company secretary required   No
  Documents/records/information kept at registered office   Yes
  Any other reporting requirements   None


  Usual authorized capital   Unlimited
  Minimum paid-up share capital   USD1
  Standard currency of share capital   USD
  Other permitted currency of capital   USD,EURO,GDP
  Share with or without par value   Both Allowed
  Share paid-up in cash or in consideration   Both Allowed
  Registered share or bearer form   Only Registered Shares
  Share can be issued in different classifications and forms   Yes
  Stamp duty on transfer of share   Minimal (less than USD 25)
  Location of meetings:   Anywhere


  Maintenance of company books and records required   Yes
  Place of maintenance of company books and records   In Mauritius + can be outside
  Preparation of accounts required   No
  Filing of accounts/financial statement required   No
  Filing of annual return required   No
  Register of shareholders required   Yes
  Location of register of shareholder   Registered Office
  Register of Directors required   Yes
  Location of register of Directors   Registered Office
  Language used for preparation of Books & records   English


  Board Meeting Required   Yes
  Shareholder meeting Required   Yes
  Place of board meeting   Anywhere
  Place of share holder meeting   Anywhere
  Meeting through telephone/electronics means   Yes
  Minutes books of meeting required   Yes
  Place of Minutes Books   Registered Office


  Publicly Accessible of records of Directors   No
  Publicly Accessible of records of shareholders   No
  Publicly Accessible of books of accounts and financial statements   No
  Appearance of name/identity of shareholder and Director in the incorporation documents   Yes (but kept confidential)
  Appearance of name/identity of shareholder and Director in the public records   No
  Bank secrecy   Yes
  Legislation regarding confidentiality and privacy   Yes
  Money Laundering legislation   Yes


  Bank Interest Income derived from a bank in offshore jurisdiction taxable   No
  Double taxation treaty access   Exempt
  Capital gain on sale of share in offshore jurisdiction   Exempt
  Capital gain on real estate owned directly or through company in offshore jurisdiction   Exempt
  Capital gain on real estate owned directly or through company outside the jurisdiction   None
  Inheritance tax/estate duty   No
  Withholding tax on payment of dividend to non-resident   No
  Withholding tax on payment of interest to non-resident   No
  Withholding tax on payment of royalty to non-resident   No
  Thin Capitalization Rules   Depends on trading partner coutry's tax laws
  Transfer Pricing Rules   Depends on trading partner coutry's tax laws
  Controlled foreign Corporation Rule   Depends on trading partner coutry's tax laws
  Requirement to file annual return:   Yes
  Group taxation allowed   Exempt from taxation and is licenced by a Government
  Any incentives   No
  Tax base-resident company   Yes
  Deductibility of Losses   Yes
  Tax exemption of liquidation proceeds   Exempt
  Corporate tax rate   Anywhere
  Corporate resident(incorporation/management and control)   No
  Benefit from tax sparing credits   Yes
  Filing of Tax return required   No
  Any other Taxes & Duties   Exempt


  Doing business with residents and companies allowed   No
  Restrictions on carrying on any business activities outside offshore jurisdiction   Yes - financial services and similar activities are not allowed
  Real Estate property can be owned in offshore jurisdiction   Yes
  Voluntary winding up or winding up through court   Both allowed
  Time frame for winding up   1 Month
  Any exchange control restrictions   No
  Migration/Redomiciliation of companies to or from Mauritius   Yes to and from

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